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Sunday, May 22, 2011

How do I organize my stash

How do you organize your diaper stash???  Well, I have no real organization, so I could use some advice.  When they are washed, I stuff them and throw them into a drawer.  How lame is that???  I have seen how others do it and they put me to some major shame.  I need some advice and organizational tools here!!  Please help!

Here is a pic of my drawer

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  1. Very cute blog! I am following it now. I like the organization to the giveaway info and little things from you too.

    I organize my stash by putting everything in a small basket. (You can see pictures on my very first post. This is great because I put the basket up on a dresser with the wipes warmer next to it right in reach of the changing table. The other reason I love it is because I usually fold diapers at night when watching TV, so I take the basket out and put them in so it's easy to put them away in the morning.