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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jillian's Drawers introduced me to cloth!

I have to tell you all that I was introduced to cloth diapers through Jillian's Drawers.  They have an awesome trial diaper program for only $10.  On top of that, they have a love it or return it in 30 days return policy.  Who else does that??  No one that I know of.  Here is the link to Jillian's and there return policy:

Mama to 4 Blessing and Go Green!

Mama to 4 Blessings is having a great giveaway.  It is for a Go Green diaper!  I love the giraffe print.  It is so adorable especially for a boy.  Hurry and enter as it ends on 6/3!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Go Long! Go Green! and Go Green Diapers!

I love the irony of this giveaway!!  Go Long! Go Green!  is having a Go Green Diaper giveaway!!!  You have a chance to win the Go Green Champ 2.0 in the color or print of your choice.  So cool!  I want to try one of these diaper soooooooooooooooo bad!  Ends 6/16!

West Coast Mama and My Noisy Boys

Oh my did I find something cute for my bird lovin' 5 year old.  A room flag with birds on it!!!  West Coast Mama is teaming up with My Noisy Boys for a giveaway.  Win a flag of your choice for your child.  Awesome!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Planet FLOPS and The Reynolds Mom

Who doesn't love a great pair of flip flops for the summer?  Or how about two, or three, or more???  You can never have enough.  I know I can't.  Plus you need a color for each outfit, right?  Well if you are like me, you are in luck.  The Reynolds Mom is having a giveaway from Planet FLOPS!!  They have awesome colors to choose from, are kind to the environment and best of all, RECYCLABLE!!!!   Like Planet FLOPS on Facebook today and enter!!!

Episensical Giveaway at The Reynolds Mom

Do you want to win afull-sized Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35 (4oz) and Protective Face Balm SPF 6 (.75 oz), as well as a travel sized Soothing Cream (.75 oz.)?  If so, then enter The Reynolds Mom giveaway for these amazing Episensical Summer Essential Skincare products!!  The packaging is so cute your kids will be beggin you to put on sunscreen.  With the rise in skin cancer, this is a plus!!  Hurry though as the giveaway ends today!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lovely Pocket Diapers Giveaway at Six in the Nest

If you like super affordable cloth diapers, then Lovely Pocket Diapers is for you!!  No more $20+ diapers.  Six in the Nest is now having a giveaway for a boy, girl or gender neutral lovely pocket diaper.  Go enter so you can try one!

Dippee Dypees and Six in the Nest

Dippee Dypees and Six in the Nest are having a great giveaway.  This is for a surprise highriser prefold diaper!  Woot woot!  They have a ton of gorgeous fabrics on their site.  Be sure to check them all out.  This giveaway ends next week!!

Six in the Nest and Say What Creations

I love sterling silver necklaces.  I love ones that depict my family even more.  Six in the Nest is having an awesome giveaway for s Say What Creations  Sarah necklace.  If you have kids, this one is unbelievably cute.  I know I would get a lot of comments about it. 

Momma in Flip Flops2 and Trendy Tags

Momma in Flip Flops2 is having a giveaway in conjunction with Trendy Tags.  They are giving away a pair of Havaianas flip flops.  If you have even worn a pair of these, you know they are oh so comfy.  Be sure to enter just in time for summer!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Luvaboos and Knickernappies

Luvaboos blog is having their weekly giveaway.  This week it is for a Knickernappies custom fit diaper.  There are many ways to enter to win this cute diaper.  Giveaway ends June 5.

The Nurse Mommy and AMP

The Nurse Mommy is having a giveaway for an AMP diaper of your choice.  These are too cute and seem like great quality.  The giveaway ends on 6/17.

Purposeful Homemaking is having an Envibum Giveaway

I love this companuy.  They give back to mom's in need.  Through their Mom4Mom cover program, when you purchase a cover, you are purchasing one for another mom and baby in need.  That is amazing!!!  At Purposeful Homemaking you have the opportunity to win a cover and pick your colors.  Ends 6/1.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Diapers Etc. and 29 Diapers Giveaway

Diapers etc. is having a training pant giveaway on 29 Diapers.  You get to choose between a Happy Heiny or Imse Vimse training pant.  Ends 5/28.  Follow this link:

The Little Seedling Giveaway at 29 Diapers

The Little Seedling has generously offered to giveaway a Blueberry Training Pant at 29 Diapers.  I love the prints they offer...too cute.  Follow this link to enter by 5/28

Charlie Banana Cloth Trainer at 29 Diapers

Oh so awesome Charlie Banana Cloth Trainer Giveaway at 29 Diapers!!  Be sure to follow this link to enter.  Ends 5/28.

29 Diapers is having a giveaway for Bummis training pants!

Babies Bottoms and More is having a giveaway in conjunction with 29 Diapers.  They are offering one lucky reader a Bummis Training Pant.  How sweet!  Be sure to follow this link to enter:

The Jacobsen Family Blog Birthday Event for the Boys

June 3-18 the Jacobsen Family blog will be having a Birthday Event for the Boys!!!  Yea boys!!!  This is the link to start entering and following:

KamSnaps and Candy Wrapper Cloth Works

Love Candy Wrapper Cloth Works custom diapers!!!  So cute, especially the owls.  KamSnaps is having a giveaway for a custom diaper...woo hoo!!!  Be sure to enter!

Kid's CuteTure giveaway at KamSnaps!

Enter to win a $15 giftcard from Kid's CuteTure on KamSnaps.  They have cute hats, fitted diapers, fleece soakers, and more on their etsy site.  This is the link to enter:

KamSnaps is having a Bootyful Baby Boutique Giveaway

Enter to win an all in two diaper from Bootyful Baby Boutique on the KamSnaps blog.  Follow this link to win  this dipe.  Ends 5/27.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Non-Toxic nailpolish giveaway at Sacred Bee!

Polished Mama is having a giveaway at Sacred Bee!!  You can win a nail polish, remover, and protection system!!!  And it is all non-toxic!!!  How cool and generous is that?  Plus, you can get a chance to name their new red color.  Follow this link:

Chico Bag and The Sacred Bee!

The Sacred Bee Blog is giving away 3 Chico Bags...the hemp produce bags!!  These are so awesome!!  I am dying to try them because I despise the plastic produce bags we all use.  This would be a blessing to my family and would relieve the guilt I feel with using plastic.  Follow this link to enter:

Sacred Bee Blog Giveaway!

Sacred Bee Blog is having a giveaway for Green Toys.  These are toys made from recycled products.  They are giving away a too cute dinner set.  Follow this link:

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mama Days is giving away an Itti Bitti!

Mama Days is having a giveaway for an Itti Bitti Tutto.  I love everything about these diapers.  They are so absorbent and have a poo fence.  Their colors and prints are to die for.  Enter this contest as it ends on June 5.

Mommy of 1 and Counting is having a Voda Swim giveaway

Just in time for summer!!!  Mommy of 1 and Counting is having a giveaway for a Voda Swim suit.  You can choose the Envy PushUp suit of your choice.  These suits are gorgeous and who can't use a little pushing up???  It ends on June 4, so get entering.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How do I organize my stash

How do you organize your diaper stash???  Well, I have no real organization, so I could use some advice.  When they are washed, I stuff them and throw them into a drawer.  How lame is that???  I have seen how others do it and they put me to some major shame.  I need some advice and organizational tools here!!  Please help!

Here is a pic of my drawer

The Crafty Nest and Monkey Toe Diapers

Okay this is the first I have heard of these diapers.  Might I say they are far too cute!!!  The Crafty Nest is having a giveaway for a Monkey Toe ends on 6/12, so get crackin' and go enter.

The Crafty Nest and Best Bottoms

I love the concept of Best Bottoms and I love the blue giraffe print.  I would love to get my hands on one of these as they are so different from what I use on a daily basis.  The Crafty Nest is having a Best Bottoms giveaway that ends 6/11.  You have time to enter!!

Itti Bitti and The Crafty Nest

Okay two new faves together....Itti Bitti and The Crafty Nest!!!  They are giving away these luscious diapers!!!  Whoever wins this one will be in pure heaven for sure.  Love their minky and poo fence!   The prints are to die for and baby looks so cute in them!  Be sure to enter this one!

The Crafty Nest is giving away Mother-Ease

I have seen Mother-Ease at my local CD store.  They are intriguing and I'd love to try them.  If I win at The Crafty Nest, I may have that opportunity.  Be sure to check out the blog for the amazing giveaway!!

Get Fuzzibuns at The Crafty Nest!!

These are my fave go to dipes.  They are so darn easy to use and trim.  Just love them.  I only wish they had more prints!!!  The Crafty Nest is giving away Fuzzibuns on their site.  Be sure to check it out!!

Are you Thirsty??? Ha Ha!

If you are then enter the Thirsties giveaway at The Crafty Nest.  I would love to try one of these, too.  Love that they are made in the good old USA!!  Great colors and I have heard nothing but good things about them.  Go check out the giveaway at The Crafty Nest and try to win one like me!

Soft Bums at The Crafty Nest!!

I have been dying to try one of these diapers!!  A gal showed me one at the Great Cloth Diaper Change and I have been in awe ever since.  Be sure you check out the giveaway at The Crafty Nest to enter to win one of these amazing drawstring dipes!!

Artsy Fartsy Foo Foo and The Crafty Nest

Artsy Fartsy Foo Foo....lovin' that name!!!  They are giving away hemp inserts at The Crafty Nest, the newest blog I am following.  They are having awesome giveaways this week.  Be sure to check it out!

The Crafty Nest and Mommy Necklaces

Too good to pass up!!  The Crafty Nest is having a giveaway for a Mommy Necklace.  Guaranteed not to break when your little one pulls on it.  How cool is that??  Be sure to enter!  Ends 5/31.

Elegant Mommy is giving away a $25 giftcard!

Go to Elegant Mommy to win a $25 giftcard.  They are trying to get more Twitter and Facebook followers, so spread the word and enter!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Giani Granite giveaway at Mommy and Me Giveaways

If you have an ugly counter or are sick of looking at it, then this is the giveaway for you.  You can win a kit to paint your countertop to look like granite.  How cool is that?  Be sure to follow this link for the giveaway at Mommy and Me Giveaways!

Mommy and Me Giveaways is having a Giani Granite giveaway!

If you have a countertop that you are sick of or just can't stand, then enter this giveaway.  Giani Granite is offering a kit to make your countertops look like granite via a painting technique.  So cool!  You can win a kit at Mommy and Me Giveaways.  Follow this link:

Thirsties giveaway at Mommy and Me Giveaways!

Thirsties Duo Wrap of your choice  and duo hemp prefold giveaway at Mommy and Me Giveaways!!!  Ends June 4!  Follow this link:

The Reynolds Mom and Eco Lunch Gear!

The Reynolds Mom is having a giveaway from Eco Lunch Gear!  I love the prints for the sandwich wraps and snack bags.  They are so colorful and you will love them too!  This is an area I am trying to improve my should, too.  Be sure to follow this link to enter to win a snack wrap:

Mommy of 1 and Counting is having a Zoey's Attic giveaway!!

Too cute sibling t-shirts are upfor grabs at Mommy of 1 and Countings blog.  I would love these for my 2 boys' birthdays coming up.  To enter, follow these links:

Mommy Wants Freebies is having a giveaway for Voda Swim!

I love a cute bathing suit especially since I live in So Cal.  Well, Mommy Wants Freebies is having the ultimate giveaway to me.  It is for a Voda Swim swimsuit of your choice!  How awesome is that??   Follow this link to enter today:

A Mom's Take is having a giveaway for Lovable Labels!

I love address labels.  I can not get enough of them.  A Mom's Take is having a giveaway for Lovable Labels on her blog!  Follow this link to enter and win these too cute labels!

West Coast Mama is having a Boske Kids Giveaway!

If you like well-made and cute kids clothes, then enter the Boske Kids giveaway at West Coast Mama!  These threads are adorable.  They also have accessories too!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Clothspring is having a Blissful Booty giveaway!

The Clothspring is having a giveaway from Blissful Booty.  You can enter to win  aBlissful Booty Ultra in choice of size, color and snap color and a 1 oz bottle of wipe water concentrate in choice of scent!  The giveaway runs until June 21st. 

Summer Fluffin' Event at Formula Mom!

I am so excited to announce the Summer Fluffin' event scheduled at Formula Mom's blog.  It will be June 1-14 with some amazing sponsors.  Here are a few of them:  Itti Bitti, Envibum, MiniMaestro, Mother-Ease, Lovely Pocket Diapers and more!  Here is the link to the blog and info of the upcoming event:

Jus Animalium at Mommy and Me Giveaways!

I love animal t-shirts!!!  So I was excited to find out that Mommy and Me Giveaways is having one for a Jus Animalium t-shirt.  I love this company because they help to support animal shelters.  Enter to win a great t-shirt from a give-back company!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ecomom giveaway at Mommmy and Me Giveaways

Do like to be green in all areas of your life?  Then Ecomom is the place for you.  They have everything a crunchy mama could want.  Enter to win a giftcard from Ecomom at Mommy and Me Giveaways!

Mommy and Me Giveaways and Madison Organics

Madison Organics is giving away an Itti Bitti diaper on Mommy and Me Giveaways.  I LOVE these dipes.  The minky is so soft and I adore their prints.

Very cool Kelty carrier up for grabs at Mommy and Me Giveaways!

Do you hike or like to go on long walks but your kids don't?  Mommy and Me giveaways is having a giveaway for a Kelty carrier.  It is so awesome!  I would love to win this one!!!

Win an Artistic Creations Sleeping Bag at Mommy and Me Giveaways!

How would your child like their very own sleeping bag with a print???  Mine totally would.   Enter the Artistic Creations giveaway at Mommy and Me giveaways now!!

Mommy and Me Giveaways win a $100 Baby Box Giftcard!

Do you want to win a $100 gift card?  Who doesn't??  Go to Mommy and Me Giveaways and enter to win a $100 gift card to Baby Box!  Such a generous giveaway, don't  you think?

All Aboard is having a Lovable Labels Giveaway!

Ends today...All Aboard the Review and Giveaway Train is having a great giveaway for Lovable Labels.  Low Entries!!!

Mommy and Me Giveaways and PeaceLoveMom review/giveaway!

Mommy and Me Giveaways is having a great giveaway for  PeaceLoveMom.  Great clothing items for mom that are stylish and cool.  Closes soon!

Mommy and Me and snackTAXI

Mommy and Me Giveaways is having a snackTAXI giveaway that ends 5/18.  Awesome snack sure to enter!!!

The Reynolds Mom Giveaway!

The Reynolds Mom is having an awesome giveaway!  It for Little Duck Organics snacks.  These are healthy fuit snacks for your children.  They come in yummy flavors like strawberry mango.  You can win 3 pouches of these snacks on her blog right now!!!

Diaper Junction Giveaway!

Diaper Junction is having a Thirsties giveaway ending 5/18!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mama's Passions is having a Baby's Booty Giveaway!

Giveaway ends 5/24 for detergent and wipes solution.  Wonderful shop on Etsy!!

Mama's Passions is having an Zizzies and Izzies giveaway!

Giveaway for 2 fleece soakers!!  Follow this link:

Hapari giveaway at Baby Half Off!

Win a gift card for Hapari at Baby Half Off.  You have until Friday.  Here is the link to Hapari to check out their awesome swimsuits.

Mother-Ease giveaway!

Nault's Nook is having a Mother-Ease diaper giveaway...ends soon!

Cottonkind Diapers Giveaway!

West Coast Mama is giving away 3, yes you read that right, 3 Cottonkind Diapers on her blog!

Blissful Booty giveaway!

Happenings of the Harper Household is having an amazing Blissful Booty giveaway.  To enter, see the button below.  A great CD product!!!