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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Booty Buns Cloth Diaper Review

I had the privilege of reviewing a diaper for Booty Buns Cloth DiapersBooty Buns is owned by Shannon Carrillo who in 2010 was finding a way to save money for her family. She researched cloth diapers and Booty Buns was born.  Shannon is all about personal touches and charity.  For each diaper purchased, another diaper is sent around the globe to help parents cover the booties of their children.  Her goal is to make the world a better place through cloth diapers...One Booty at A Time.

Here is an example of her personal touch.  This is the back of my package I received.  I love it!

Any cloth diaper addict, me included, loves to see this on their doorstep.  As you can see, I was so excited for my first diaper review that I ripped open the package.

When I opened the diaper, I noticed another personal touch.  There were 2 inserts, one large and one newborn, plus a 100% cotton flannel liner, and a coordinating wipe.  The prints were adorable, and it made the diaper all that more special.  Here is what was included with my Pink A Booty:

Booty Buns Original Booty is a one-size diaper.  The patent pending design fits from 3 to 45 pounds.  That is an amazing range.  There are multiple rows of snaps to accommodate this size range.  This diaper should be able to be used from birth to potty learning for sure.  Here are graphics of the diaper courtesy of Booty Buns that demonstrates all of the diaper's features:

I tried my Pink A Booty out in various ways.  The first was to let my boy play around in it.  It was a fabulous fit and moved with him without gaping in any area.  Here he is admiring the rain in his Booty Buns.

Here he is with a front and side view.  Awesome fit!!  My boy is 24 pounds.  I loved how high the rise was on him.  No plumber's crack here!  I find that happens with some diapers. 

My next test was to use it during nap time.  I used both inserts.  My boy is a tummy sleeper.  He was in his Booty Buns for 2 hours. There were no leaks!!! I also used the flannel liner, and I am glad I did.  Like all good babies, he had to christen his new all know what I mean.  The liner made clean up a snap.  I was glad that I used it.  I must also say that my boy did not have any red marks upon awakening from his nap.  He is prone to red marks, but there were not any from our beloved Booty Buns!!!  Yay!!!

My final test was night time.  Yes, I said night time.  I usually do not use pocket diapers at night.  I am more of a fitted or flats kind of gal with a cover.  I used the Booty Buns with the larger insert plus 2 of my own hemp inserts.  My boy is a moderate to heavy wetter.  I must admit that I did not sleep well that night for fear of him leaking and crying out.  Boy was I pleasantly surprised!!!  NO leaks!!!  NO red marks!!!  The diaper was on him for over 11 hours.  I was sold at this point.  What a great diaper!  Shannon should be proud of her product.  It passed all of my tests.  It washes up nicely and dries quickly.  I am a Booty Buns convert.  Thank you, Shannon, for letting me review this amazing diaper. 

If you would like to purchase a Booty Buns diaper, you may do so by going to their website.  Diapers can be purchased individually or in sets of 2-20!  A single diaper will run you $25.50 plus $6 shipping.  Here is a link to the site:

You can also connect with Booty Buns on Facebook:

Remember every diaper you purchase gives a diaper to a baby in need around the globe.  GO GREEN GIVE CHARITY =LOVE FOR ME!!!!

Disclosure:  I was given a diaper for an honest review of the product.  All of the opinions and experiences are my own and are honest.  I was not monetarily compensated by Booty Buns diapers for this review nor am I an employee of this company.


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